We’ve all seen porn with VR porn apps before. We know what it is. Some people think it’s addictive. Some watch it regularly, while others stay away from it. It’s a part of our culture. Currently, 37% of all internet traffic is accounted to pornography.
It’s there, and it’s enormous! Something you can’t really ignore.
With this being said, it’s safe to assume that the average person would view pornography (at least from time to time). The average person is also going to work almost every day for the most of the day. So, it’s safe to assume that the average person would get the urge to put on some porn while at work or at San Francisco film festival.
Here, we begin getting into problems with VR porn apps at https://vrpornmania.com/best-vr-porn-app/. No head of the company would want their employees to view pornography (or anything non-work related for that matter) during work hours. The whole premise is basically losing them money since they invest in their worker’s working hours by paying them.
It’s, therefore, safe to say that most (if not all) managers would ban viewing of porn for their employees while during working hours.
In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why downloading VR porn Apps is banned in many companies during working hours.
Loss of money

As we’ve stated thus far, watching porn with vr porn apps in the office translates to your boss throwing money away because of you. Many employers have restricted access to popular (and not so popular) porn sites on their company computers. But if there is a want, there is a way! Your boss can’t forbid you from owning a phone. And with a phone, you can download VR porn Apps from the Internet.
This ‘freedom’ is again, directly costing your superior. So, apparently, they won’t like it. This is one of the reasons for banning it.
Loss of employee control

Another reason would be that it makes people distracted. Sexual desire is an emotion, and emotions are strong and irrational. Your boss doesn’t want you to make irrational decisions at the workplace because those can lead to tragedies for their business. Keeping you focused on your work is the head of your company’s job. That’s how they earn their salary. That’s why they won’t let you watch and download VR porn in working hours or during San Francisco film festival.
Loss of employee respect

If you get away with something, you’ll do it again and again until you’re caught and can’t continue anymore. It’s human nature. If your boss lets you watch porn all day at work you won’t think of them as a leader but as a pushover and you’ll take advantage. Being the CEO requires from a person to have strong leadership qualities and earn the respect of their employees. That’s why they make rules and ban porn consumption or even vr porn apps.

In conclusion, with pornography being a serious part of our culture and lives it’s not far-fetched to assume that a person would fall into the desire to watch porn during working hours. This is profoundly taxing on the CEOs of companies so rules are often made against it.
In the end of the day, your employer wants to earn his money so he can give you, your money for the work you’ve done from them. It’s best to keep them happy instead of testing their patience in that regard.
Refferences: https://www.wired.com/2015/10/the-porn-business-isnt-anything-like-you-think-it-is/… Read the rest

Film festivals are public events that are held annually in a city o the region in order to showcase films related to the festival focus whether it is of a recent date or not, to real live audiences.

Most of these festivals are organized by film societies, art associations, universities, local governments, and other related establishments; also the films showcased are always of a short defined length. These festivals provide a platform for upcoming filmmakers to display their films in front of a large audience and also get honest reviews from professional film critics.

There is also an opportunity for recognized filmmakers to get cash rewards aside from the tremendous press attention, and exposure to potential buyers and agents that they will also enjoy. Some notable Film festivals include the San Francisco Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Vennes Film Festival and much more.

Due to the public nature of these film festivals, certain rules and regulations are put in place to ensure that the movies and short films displayed, are generally acceptable and not of an offensive nature. The major areas usually up for scrutiny are;
1. Scenes with explicit sexual content and demonstrations which could also be considered pornographic.
2. Graphic violence against children and animals.

3. Violence against any political, sexual, and racial group.
One of the major policies has a lot to do with the prevention of the display of porn pics and everything related to it in films and clips at these festivals. Although pornography is acceptable for viewing by a certain age group, it is inappropriate to display such contents in a public event such as a film festival because;
– Audiences at film festivals could in some cases include children and young adults, hence the display of porn pics downloaded from www.imageweb.ws or www.dirtypornphotos.com or and explicit sexual contents could lead to unwanted situations such as under-age pornography viewing.
– Most Film festivals have a particular focus and theme which will not need the distraction and disgust that pornography might bring to the whole set up
– Films displayed at film festivals could also be seen outdoors, so it is safe to say that a couple of laws related to broadcasting will be violated if porn contents are found in the scenes of these films.

– The reputation of the entire festival will be jeopardized and viewership and attendance could drop significantly in the subsequent editions.
In order to protect the integrity and focus of the film festivals in San Francisco, filmmakers especially upcoming ones and their films are thoroughly scrutinized before they are allowed to display their contents to the audience present. Also, they are given the rules and guidelines that govern their participation during the period of the festival.… Read the rest

San Francisco is a city of filmmakers and film aficionados. It is also a city of designers, taste-makers, and fashion lovers. In the Spring of 2012, film and fashion (and fun) will unite at the inaugural San Francisco Fashion Film Festival.

The San Francisco Fashion Film Festival will offer a new take on what it means to be stylish in the cinema. With a curated selection of independent, documentary, and dramatic production films, we will present old favorites as well as unexpected titles. With dramatic films, our aspiration is to provide a broader perspective on costume, set design, storytelling, and cinematography. With documentary films, we seek to tell the stories of the designers and artists who shape the world of fashion and style. We recognize the deep reserve of stories that there are to tell about the world of fashion and style and are proud to showcase the work of independent filmmakers. As we explore films that have inspired trend, beauty, design, and culture, we will look beyond the little black dress to the creators and influencers who have affected style through film.

Please join us on April 7th and 8th at the Roxie Theatre, San Francisco, CA.… Read the rest